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Constant Current Sources (Interactive!) – Simply Electronics Basics 9

What are Constant Current Sources? Find out how they work and why they are useful. Try the circuit!: Twitter: Facebook: If you would like to support me to keep Simply Electronics going, you can become a Patron at source

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Transistor Original Soundtrack – Full Album

Get the full OST at: Transistor on PS4: Transistor on Steam: Note: We highly recommend playing through the game before listening to the soundtrack, since the soundtrack is deeply connected to the game’s story. Composed by Darren Korb. Vocals by Ashley Barrett. More at: | @SupergiantGames ...

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DIY power bank using recycled Laptop battery


This article will show you the basic powerbank circuit consisting of Lithium cell charging circuit, boost converter and toggle switch as well as my improved version with self activating boost converter and LED status indicator and homemade housing. It all started with an old Lenovo laptop battery. I carefully pried ...

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Download PC Suite and Drivers for Asus Zenfone

Download PC Suite and Drivers For all ZenFone Models Android phone uhh?? No it’s ZenFone!! The name created a huge response from customers. Owner of ZenFones – AsusTeK Inc,. which was previously only computer parts manufacturer, but the creative idea made them to assemble a android mobile with cool design ...

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Top 5 New Arduino Shields

We are happy to present you 5 new shields for Arduino. Links: Top 5 Robot Arduino Projects – 5 Great Arduino Shields – CLICKABLE TIME – VIDEO INDEX 00:00 – Talk² Whisper Node – AVR 01:55 – OP·A – Multitimbral FM Synthesizer Shield ...

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Electronic Basics #23: Transistor (MOSFET) as a Switch

Electronic Basics BJT: Previous video: Twitter: Support me for more videos: My favorite N-channel MOSFET: My favorite P-channel MOSFET: More information about MOSFETs: In this episode of Electronic Basics I will show you how to use N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs as ...

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Power supply IC generates low-noise bipolar (+/-) power rails


Features Boost Charge Pump Generates 2 • VIN_P (VIN_P Range: 4.5V to 16V) Inverting Charge Pump Generates –VIN_N (VIN_N Range: 4.5V to 32V) Low Noise Positive LDO Post Regulator Up to 50mA Low Noise Negative LDO Post Regulator Up to 50mA 135μA Quiescent Current in Burst Mode® Operation with Both LDO Regulators On ...

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LabVIEW for Instrument Control

Visit to learn more. NI LabVIEW software helps you acquire data from any standalone instrument over any bus and provides extensive libraries for signal processing and data visualization. Combine the power of LabVIEW software and IDNet instrument-specific drivers to automate third-party instruments to create reusable measurement solutions that you ...

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